Your Reliable Assistant Against Winter: Antifreeze

Nowadays, the dirt on the roads has increased much more than the dry weather. Especially after snow and rainy weather, the mud and water formed on the roads can adhere to the glass of your vehicle and create a slime effect. At this point, the wiper water comes into play to clean the glass of your vehicle. Although you need wiper water when you want to clean it by reducing the density of the dirt on the glass of your vehicle, you cannot clean your glass because your wiper water is frozen due to the cold. So how can you solve this problem? Actually, the answer is quite simple; Antifreeze!

Your Reliable Assistant Against Winter: Antifreeze

What is Antifreeze Water?

Antifreeze wiper water is a material that contains chemicals against cold, unlike pure water or tap water. According to its quality, it remains liquid at -10 degrees and in colder weather. While it distinguishes itself from other liquids with its blue color, it is of great importance for the car's window cleaning system in winter. It removes stains on the glass without leaving any traces and provides a safer view by facilitating the dissolution of hard materials such as ice and frost. You don't have to worry about its content either. Because it does not damage the paint or polish of your vehicle.

Your Reliable Assistant Against Winter: Antifreeze

What Does Antifreeze Wiper Water Do?

While alternatives such as pure water or tap water are preferred as wiper water in spring and summer, these alternatives can become a serious problem for you and your car in winter. With the effect of the falling temperature in winter, the water in your wiper water may freeze in the cold and damage this reservoir. In addition, the freezing of the wiper water during the journey is such a serious problem that your vision becomes more and more blurred and eventually causes you to crash. For this reason, it is very important that the wiper water is antifreeze in the winter months. Antifreeze wiper water will not freeze by succumbing to cold like pure water or tap water due to its nature and will help you by dissolving the dirt in the glass whenever you need it. Moreover, the wiper water will not freeze in your reservoir and will protect your vehicle and your financial status.


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