What is new in Seat Ibitza 2018

New Generation of the famous Hatchback of Seat, Ibiza 2018 is coming with some exciting features and designs.


Seat Ibiza 2018 has 1.0 and 1.6 liters engines and 1.0 ECO engine is the most impressive between them. It’s horsepower ranges from 65 to 115 (diesel).

Interior Design

Seat Ibiza 2018 has many advanced features using the latest opportunities technology provide for us. You can charge your smartphone in the car using the “Connectivity Hub” without wires and fuss, while the integrated GSM amplifier helps you to receive service even in troubling areas.

Ibiza 2018 also has some solid sound system designed by BeatsAudio. Thanks to its 300W amplifier, six speakers and high-end subwoofer, it is safe to say Ibiza 2018 has a very above-average sound system.

You have a touchscreen in Seat’s Ibiza 2018 that you can navigate your route, check the park censors for tricky spots, and even to connect your smartphone for other features.

What is new in Seat Ibitza 2018


New Seat Ibiza 2018 is equipped with some brilliant safety features as well. For example, with the “Adaptive Cruise Control”, driver may adjust a speed limit according to the situation of the traffic, “Front Assist System” applies the breaks in a situation of emergency, “Tiredness Recognition” lets you know when to rest.

For crash situations, Ibiza 2018 has more intelligent airbags than usual. Thanks to premium materials and censor system, airbags response most appropriately according to the situation saving driver and passenger from both front and sides.

New generation of Electronic Stability Control takes action whenever it senses slipping. This feature slows the car in case of a slip by reducing acceleration and multi-collision brake system stops the skids. You can also check the tire pressures from the screen if necessary, avoiding getting a flat tire.

In short, Seat Ibiza 2018 is a very well-equipped hatchback car containing technology, safety and comfort. All of these features and equipment promise you a safe, joyful ride.