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Today we are going to talk about some subjects such as; The Features of Volkswagen Polo, The Fuel Consumption of Volkswagen Polo and Is it Suits You? Volkswagen Polo is an iconic model for Volkswagen Corporation. It seemed like a reasonable priced alternative of Volkswagen Golf to people throughout the years. First Polo produced in 1975. It offered an economical fuel consumption with an evolutionary lightweight chassis which also provides a perfect origin for Polo’s future performance versions. This design and idea leaded Polo to with a raising solidarity and quality ratio.

The Features of Volkswagen Polo

Polos have been known for their Economic Fuel Efficiency, Design Quality and Advanced Technology throughout time. It is considered as one of the most diesel efficient cars among the B Class vehicles with iconic TDI engine. Polo offers nothing but same perfect quality. Volkswagen keeps the classic Polo hatchback design on with this new concept. New Polo released with three optional luxury package which is; Trendline, Comfortline and Highline.  If we compare the size of the Polo’s body with the previous Polo designs, it is obviously larger than its ancestors. Even if this design affects the fuel consumption of the vehicle, it gives an attractive new look to the Polo. Also, the brand-new cockpit design perfectly matching with this attractive body type design. In Polo’s cockpit, Active Info Display takes our attention first. This type of equipment usually seen in Premium class cars such as; Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche etc. It makes cockpit classier and easier to use. For example; whenever you want to look for daily fuel consumption screen in old Polos you must use tiny little trip computer screen on dashboard. But now, by using Active Info Display, daily fuel consumption screen is wider and more effective than the old and boring one. Moreover, new customize options on colours makes cockpit look alive, energic and fresh.

The Fuel Consumption of Volkswagen Polo

Despite, the significant improvements on electrical engines, gasoline and diesel are still the important key parts of the automotive industry. Their existence on earth is getting more and more decreasing. Because of that, automotive corporations looking for solutions to solve fuel consumption problem as soon as possible. As a result of this search, Start & Stop Technology occurred in industry. Also, New Polo equipped with Start & Stop Technology. This feature prevents unnecessary fuel consumption by stopping the engine in eligible situations. Thus, the car owner saving a lot of money and the vehicle contaminates environment lesser. There are three standard engine options with Polo which are; 1.0 MPI, 1.0 TSI and 1.0 TSI DSG (7-Gear). We are going to look at the most economical engine type among these three types of engine in terms of fuel consumption. It is 1.0 TSI. This engine produces 95 HP which is fair enough for a 1.0 sized engine. According to official factory data, Urban Fuel Consumption of 1.0 TSI is 5.5lt/100km (which refers to 51 MPG in UK). However, when you drive at the out of the Urban limits fuel consumption can decrease to 3.8lt/100km (which refers to 74 MPG in UK). Also, in real life tests Polo 1.0 TSI’s estimated fuel consumption is 7.3lt/100km (which refers to 39 MPG in UK). For detailed information about the other two types of engine you can visit; Volkswagen 1.0 fuel consumption, MPG

Does it Suits You?

Finally, if you ask me, ‘Is It Better Than the Old Generation Polos?’. I would say yes! Polo definitely a new generation highly qualified vehicle with the innovative technology, large and fresh design which allows a comfortable journey to driver and passengers and with low fuel consumption, Polo is the perfect vehicle for the new generation.