The Rise of Health Tourism in the World

The Rise of Health Tourism in the World

With the globalizing world, the health systems of countries began to be more comparable and attract patients according to their advantages. As a result of this, the concept of health tourism, which is a different type of tourism, has emerged.

Mostly, areas such as plastic surgery, hair transplantation, obesity treatment and dental treatments are demanded. this type of tourism, thanks to both advanced health systems and affordable fees; countries such as brazil, malaysia and turkey are among the most preferred countries.

Turkey, one of the most preferred countries, is a candidate to be at the top of the list. It is preferred by millions of patients annually for its world-class trained doctors, new and well-equipped hospitals and clinics. Patients generally apply for cosmetic surgery such as brazilian butt lift (bbl surgery), nose job, breast uplift and dental health care services such as dental filling, root canal treatment.

What distinguishes Turkey from its competitors is that it is close to the European continent, the cost of surgery is more affordable than most European countries, and it is easier to reach an experienced specialist surgeon.

The medical advisory company Mediplasty - Aesthetic Surgery & Dental Treatment Abroad manager said in the interview;

"Many establishments in Turkey offer full package treatment options including transportation and accommodation services, but we recommend that you prefer agents who specialize in healthcare. After all, it is not difficult to buy flight tickets and make hotel reservations."

This shows that we should pay attention to the fact that the expertise of the intermediaries is not in tourism but in the field of health. Intermediaries, who have a specialist doctor in their team, can follow their patients' follow-up and transactions accurately.

The health tourism process in Turkey generally works as follows;

- You are met at the airport and they show you to your hotel and then to the clinic for pre-operative checkups.

- After the checks, the doctors confirm your suitability for the surgery, and the preparations for the surgery begin.

- After your surgery, you stay at the hospital for 1 day in a private room and at the hotel for 2 days to 1 week, and you make follow-up appointments with the doctor.

- After making sure that everything is in order, they drop you off at the airport again and you go back to your home.

What do you think about the advantages of receiving health care in another country? Would you also receive health care in another country?

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