The Most Powerful Cars The Most Powerful Cars

Here we list the most powerful cars according to their horsepower. These cars are all on sale that means they are not modified, production cars as it is. Power means everything when buying a sports car. Power determines the performance of the vehicle directly. The most powerful car should have the most powerful engine in the world. As we know some popular brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche manufactures really powerful cars. But there are some brands beyond that. Koenigsegg Regera produces 1510 hp that is more than most of the sports cars. And there is Bugatti Chiron in the second place. It is designed just after Bugatti Veyron, to push the real limits of a sports car. As mentioned before, these are the standard production and non-modified cars.

This list is made for finding what the most powerful car in the world is. Horsepower describes the maximum power that a car has as an output. Petrol engines are better when it comes to putting out horsepower. The engine power is also determined by kilowatt. Horsepower can be shortened as hp. 1 kW is calculated as 1.341 hp.  If you ask how many kilowatts is 1 horsepower, it is 0.745 kW.