Stellantis, the last victim of the epidemic!

The impact of Covid-19 is being felt more and more every day. While the epidemic swept all over the world, it destroyed not only people's lives, but also various industries. One of its biggest victims is the automotive industry. Explaining that they had problems in chip supply due to the epidemic in the past months, the giant brands of the automotive industry Toyota, Volvo and Honda, announced that they had to stop the production of cars.

Stellantis, the last victim of the epidemic!

In a press release made the other day, Stellantis group also stated that the production was interrupted as brand could not resist the problems they experienced in chip supply. The company formed by Fiat and Chrysler, which came together earlier this year, wanted to take firm steps forward, but had to interrupt its plans with this unexpected problem. In the statement made, it was announced that the production will stop for a total of 4 days in June and a similar application can be realized in July if necessary. While it is not yet clear how the Stellantis group will be affected economically by this situation, the fact that big brands in the sector have to take such steps increases the concerns about the future.


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