Several things to consider while purchasing a Car

Purchasing the apt car has always been confusing. Occasionally one has to forfeit an option because of limited budgets while occasionally the numerous opinions of numerous people confuse us. The most prudent thing to do while making a purchase is configuring our requirement and the maximum amount that we can pay. The next most key factor is checking a car’s resale value, how available its spare parts are and the amount of technical support you get.

The next most vital factor in opting for a car is its technical specs.

Specific things to check on the engine of a car

How many cylinders does it have?

How many valves are there for each cylinder?

Its form of CAM operations

Its form of fuel induction

Which are the most economic cars when it comes to fuel consumption?

At present, the car that would suit you the best is one that saves cash on the amount of fuel consumed or basically save fuel. The amount of fuel that a car saves is based on the how many valves it has in one cylinder and its valve working mechanism. After you’ve got the MPG figure of your car you can use any Fuel economy Calculator online for getting an estimate on the quantity of fuel you'll require for getting to a destination.

Other key factors when purchasing a car

•    Seating capacity

•    Luggage capacity

•    Form of suspensions

•    Turning radius

•    How raised in the car floor from the floor

•    Power to weight percentage

•    Forms of brakes used

•    Standard tire size


There is no need to go for a car having a pricey audio since it is nothing more than a luxury that you can replace whenever you want to. It would be better if you concentrate on the fundamental technical specs as they imply much savings and security and comfort.

Choosing the most efficient SUV

For ones who’ve kids the most efficient cars would be those having a colossal trunk. The finest is going to be an SUV having four ABS aided Disk brakes and a turning radius between 4.6 and 5.5 meters. The most efficient SUV would be one having tire size between 17 and 18 inches as it is going to provide a safer drive and would be more economical on fuel consumption when weighed against a tire size of an  inch or lesser.

Likewise, if you opt for a 5 door SUV having 2000 kg curb heaviness an engine of 1.8L is going to be heavier on fuel when weighed against one of 3 L having a curb heaviness of 1800 kg. The lesser the weight of your car and more powerful its engine, you don’t need to press down on the gas pedal as much as you would for an underpowered car.

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