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Today we are going to talk about the French icon Renault Clio. We are going to analyse it in three main categories such as; The Features of the Renault Clio, The Fuel Consumption of the Renault Clio and Is it Suits You? Before beginning to the analysis, I want to give some information about the history of the Renault Clio. Clio first introduced in early 90’s. It has had some important commercial achievements since its debut.  It is the one of only three cars which have been selected as European Car of the Year two times. This reward generally explains a lot. It was usually the best-seller mini sized car of the Europe throughout time. With effective fuel consumption, reasonable price and technological features today, it is still one of the most basic but useful vehicles in the world. Now we can start analysing this iconic vehicle.


The Features of the Renault Clio

Renault Clio updating his design in every generation usually. And current design might be the most sportive and classy one I believe. Since his debut Clio had two different body option such as; Sedan and Hatchback. At current generation we have got a hatchback design as only option. This Design coming with a three different luxury package which are; Play, Iconic and GT Line. When we compare current generation with the old ones, it is certainly bigger sized than the old generations. It is almost close to the size of a compact car as a mini sized car. Another trendy spot on Clio’s body is the hidden rear door handles which located near to the backdoor windows. It makes Clio more sportive and classier. Also, with new LED Pure Vision headlights and strobe lights makes Clio look aggressively attractive. On the other hand, interior design looks tempting with customizable colour options which adds some characteristic look to the cockpit. Let’s talk about some technological features such as; Hands Free Parking System. HFPS (Hands Free Parking System) is one of the most significant innovations in automotive industry. When you turn on this system while parking you are going to feel like the vehicle parking itself perfectly. It calculates every corner and every position for parking and fits in every space properly while you were watching without doing anything. Then we have Hill Start Assist System which helps you to take off on a slope safely by maintaining brake pressure for seconds. Also, we have some regular driving technologies such as; ESP (Electronic Stability Program), Emergency Brake Assist and Rear Parking Sensors. Finally, Clio has got a five-star performance in EURO’N CAP tests which makes Clio a reliable vehicle for people.


The Fuel Consumption of the Renault Clio

Now in this chapter we are going to examine the fuel efficiency of the Renault Clio by using Factory MPG Data. First, Renault Clio has four standard engine option which are; 0.9, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.5 dCi. We are going to analyse Clio’s fuel consumption on two main categories such as; The Most Economical One and The Most Powerful One. We are using this way to make easier to choose right engine type for our users. Let’s start with the most economical one which is 1.5 dCi ENERGY. It is a four cylindered, 1461 cm3 sized, Diesel type engine which produces 90 Horsepower and 4000 RPM Torque. 1.5 dCi performs a 3.5lt/100km (which refers to 81 MPG in UK) fuel consumption rate in Urban usage according to the official factory data. However, this rate can decrease to 3.1lt/100km (which refers to 91 MPG in UK) when you drive at the Extra Urban such as; Highway or Long Distance. When we combine these two data we get a 3.3lt/100km (which refers to 85 MPG in UK) average fuel consumption rate. It’s time to check out the most powerful one which is 1.2 TCe ENERGY. It is also a four cylindered engine which similar with 1.5 dCi. It is a 1197 cm3 sized, petrol type engine which produces 118 Horsepower and 5000 RPM Torque. 1.2 TCe has got a 6.8lt/100km (which refers to 41 MPG in UK) fuel consumption performance in Urban. But this performance can be more fuel friendly when you drive at the Extra Urban. We can see a 4.5lt/100km (which refers to 63 MPG in UK) performance which is better than the Urban usage. Finally, when we combine these two data we get a 5.4lt/100km (which refers to 52 MPG in UK) average MPG performance according to the official factory data. Also, by using Start-Stop Technology you can prevent the unnecessary fuel consumption while you are driving in Urban or Extra Urban. This feature can help you to make your Clio more fuel efficient.


Is it Suits You?

If you ask me that question I would say YES! Renault Clio will fulfil your expectations as an iconic vehicle. With his aesthetic and sportive design, economical fuel consumption performance and trendy technology it will be a good choice for you among the small sized cars.