Real MPG

Real MPG is one of the most critical data for car owners because it helps them choose appropriate automobile for their needs. Some people call it as “true mpg” and they take this data more seriously than manufacturer’s data. Start finding real mpg of cars by choosing a make here.

Cars’ fuel consumption characteristics are getting more important everyday due to increase in fuel prices day by day, while the fuel resources are draining away. This is the point where we pretend to search for real MPG or in other word real Gas Mileage of cars. Cars mostly shows different characteristics about MPG in the real world rather than laboratory because car manufacturers performs the driving tests in the controlled environment with most suitable situation for the best fuel economy values. But all we know that most of those values useless in the actual world. All makes and models of automobiles are listed in motoreu. You can choose any car to view all details such as real mpg and true MPG ratings.

What is Real MPG?

Real MPG refers to fuel consumption data of any vehicle and differs from factory data. It is also called as Real World MPG. Since car manufacturers publish the fuel consumption data of vehicles which are measured in laboratory conditions, many drivers are not able to get the same values. This increases the need for test mpg and real mpg data which are published by real drivers, and makes it even more important. There are several ways to measure mileage of your vehicle. But first you need to know what mpg means. MPG means Miles per gallon, the distance traveled per gallon.

How to calculate Real MPG?

To calculate your real MPG first fill your fuel tank up. Start travelling and after a few miles check your trip calculator to see the distance traveled after filling up the fuel tank. Fill it up once again. Divide the distance by the gallons just refilled. The result gives your vehicle’s Real MPG data for the trip you just had. By doing this for a while you can track your Real World MPG data, and publish the results on to help other drivers.

In other terms, in detailed vehicle page on motoreu, you are going to see estimated true MPG ratings of automobiles. This estimated true MPG is calculated by a formula created by published real mpg results. Please note that, this consumption data is different from factory data published by car manufacturers. As you know, car manufacturers measure mpg data of cars according to factory settings in laboratories.

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