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Today, we are going to talk about the Peugeot 208. We will make an analysis about 208 under three main categories such as; The Features of the Peugeot 208, The Fuel Consumption of the Peugeot 208 and Does It Suits You? Before beginning to the analysis, I want to give some general information about the Peugeot 208. It is a super mini car which manufactured by Peugeot Motor Company. 208 firstly introduced in 2012 at Geneva Auto Show. It generally designed for a better loading capacity and cabin space for passengers. When we compare it with the predecessor, 208 offers more cabin space and loading capacity than 207. At the first phase of the production process, 208 manufactured as three doored hatchback vehicle for a year. Just after a year, a five doored hatchback variant unveiled by Peugeot. As a successful super mini car, 208 has a solid place in automotive industry for several years.


The Features of the Peugeot 208

Now, let’s talk about the features of the Peugeot 208. It designed by French designer Pierre Authier and Sylvain Henry. The exterior design of 208 has got a futuristic and aggressive look when you see the vehicle’s body at first glance. The unusual grille design makes 208 more distinguishable than any other vehicle in traffic. Nevertheless, this unusual design carries some marks from his ancestors such as; the iconic hood design which has the iconic Peugeot Lion sign on it.  Also, the lightweight chassis design offers a better traction and better fuel efficiency when we compare it with the old 207. When we check out the interior design, we can see a perfect combination of technology and luxury. Interior design created by Adam Bazydlo and Marie Sonou helped to Adam by using attractive colour options on cabin design. 208 provides a multiple technological advantage to the customers. First, we can say that 208 has got a multifunctional multimedia system which is Peugeot Connect. It is compatible with the Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Moreover, it includes functions such as; TomTom Traffic which provides real time traffic updates to driver. It also displays local weather conditions and fuel stations nearby by using satellite navigation system. You can access all these features by using a Multitouch Screen which is a standard equipment with Peugeot Connect. 208 have some features about driving safety too. Our first feature is Active City Brake Technology which prevents an accident when driver fails to react in time under 20 km/h by using a short range sensor. Second feature is Cruise Control and Speed Limiter which stabilize your vehicle’s speed on the desired point. Finally, The Peugeot Connect SOS and Assistance which triggered automatically in use of an emergency brake or when airbags inflate in an accident.


The Fuel Consumption of the Peugeot 208

It is time to make a conversation about the fuel consumption of the Peugeot 208. We are going to focus on engine types and make an analysis on them for proper results on fuel consumption analysis. We are going to use two main categories which are; The Most Economical One and The Most Powerful One. We are using this method to make it an easy decision for you to choose right type of engine while choosing the best car. Peugeot 208 has four standard engine types which are; 1.0, 1.2, 1.6 and 1.6 HDi. Let’s start with the most economical one which is; 1.6 HDi. It is a four cylindered, 1560 cm3 sized, Diesel type engine which produces 99 Horsepower and 3750 RPM Torque. According to the official factory data, 1.6 HDi has got a 3.6lt/100km (which refers to 78 MPG in UK) MPG Rate in Urban usage. However, this MPG Performance decreasing to 2.7lt/100km (which refers to 104 MPG in UK) in Extra Urban usage such as; Highways or Long Distance Trip. When we combine these two factory data we get a 3.0lt/100km (which refers to 94 MPG in UK) average MPG rate. Secondly, we are going to talk about the most powerful one which is; 1.6. It is a four cylindered, 1598 cm3 sized, Petrol type engine which produces 165 Horsepower and 6000 RPM Torque. 1.6 has got a 7.1lt/100km (which refers to 40 MPG in UK) fuel consumption rate in Urban usage. On the other hand, this fuel consumption performance decreasing to 4.6lt/100km (which refers to 61 MPG in UK) in Extra Urban usage. When we gather these two data we get a 5.6lt/100km (which refers to 50 MPG in UK) average fuel consumption rate.


Does It Suits You?

I think my answer will be yes for this question. 208 has got some features like lightweight body, large cabin space, low cost fuel efficiency and an attractive look which perfectly match with the latest technological features. Peugeot 208 is a great super mini car for a family or just for a person!