New 2018 Mercedes A Series

New 2018 Mercedes A Series is one of the most innovative and technological vehicles of 2018.

Interior Design

New 2018 Mercedes A series has something called Intelligent Drive, that enables the driver has the safest driving experience on the road. This system warns the driver if the distance with the other cars are insufficient and it even has an auto-breaking system in emergency situations. You can change the car’s driving mode from the Dynamic Select Screen as “Comfort”, “Eco”, “Sport” and “Individual”. Meaning you can drive with low fuel consumption or high performance.

The new Series has a reverse camera that gets activated whenever a driver is engage the reverse gear. This brilliant feature makes the parking and maneuvering in hard conditions very simple. Lane Keeping Assist helps you keep your car in track between lanes. It is safe to say 2018 Mercedes A series is fully equipped with the most technological specifications.

New 2018 Mercedes A SeriesNew 2018 Mercedes A Series

Exterior Design

Focused on building a youthful and dynamic look, Mercedes 2018 A Series has a striking appearance that shows prestige and luxurious charisma. On the front, A Series are using low energy consuming LED headlamps that makes it economical and innovative with the new technologies. Also, variable color options help you get the ideal Mercedes car for you. The A series has an athletic styling that makes it look like moving even when it is not.

This premium hatch back from Mercedes got new upgrades especially inside. With the help of premium materials found for the coating it brings A series 2018 a new level of comfort for the driver and the passengers. With the market is aiming for the new levels of safety,

Mercedes 2018 A Series is not only achieved the complete safety for the driver, but also with the utilizations and new technologies 2018 A Series provides full control of surroundings inside and outside of the car.

All in all, 2018 Mercedes A series is one of the most successful cars of the year with the stunning exteriors, new materials and innovative features inside the car. And in addition to being comfortable and luxurious, it’s safety features promise the driver and the passengers a simple, safe ride.