Mercedes C 300 9G-TRONIC Fuel Consumption

The luxurious sedan from the German manufacturer has decent real fuel consumption.

Mercedes C 300 9G-TRONIC Fuel Consumption

The C300 Engine

The engine, running on petrol, has a capacity of 2 liters and a total power of 245 HP. As well, the top speed for this model is 250 km/h and a torque of 370 Nm. More than that, the acceleration for the Mercedes C 300 Sedan is of 5.9 seconds.

This engine has 4 cylinders and doesn’t have a Start Stop function. More than that, the wheel drive is located at the rear.


This model is equipped with a 9G Tronic automatic gearbox and has a slightly increased fuel consumption that the manual model. Even if it’s an automatic gearbox, Mercedes developed different ways to improve the fuel consumption. We take in consideration these factors in order to show a more realistic value than the catalog one.

The Mercedes C 300 9G – Tronic Real Fuel Consumption

While this model has a powerful engine, the manufacturer fuel consumption is at about 6,3 liters / 100km or 45 MPG (UK) - 37 MPG (US). Our algorithms show that the real MPG is 9,3 liters / 100km or 30 MPG (UK) - 25 MPG (US). Our numbers are higher than the ones stated by the car manufacturer because we calculate them taking in consideration various factors such as the gearbox type, size of the car and other factors. Our stats are greatly improved by the user experiences so that the numbers can be as close to the real ones as they can be.

 Tips on how to improve fuel consumption

In order to improve the fuel consumption, one has to adopt a normal driving style, without being aggressive and pushing the car to its limits. Even if we talk about a powerful Mercedes C300, the car should be slowly accelerate and the breaks show be used in a moderate way, whenever possible. More than that, closing the windows when the AC is open can save fuel or having the right type of tires.

All in all, this model is a powerful, luxurious one with rather decent fuel consumption but is a great value vehicle in the end.