Is Your Steering Wheel Locked?

Steering lock is an annoying event that happens to most drivers. Automobile manufacturers are trying to ensure the safety of vehicles with the measures they have developed against automobile thefts. Steering lock is one of these measures. In this article, we are going find the answers to questions such as; “Why Does Steering Lock Occur?” and “How to Open Steering Lock?”.


Why Is Steering Locked?

Auto manufacturers apply various security measures to cars to prevent theft. Steering wheel lock is a security mechanism created to prevent the vehicle from being stolen while the vehicle is parked. Thanks to this mechanism, when the key is not on the ignition, the steering wheel of the vehicle is locked and does not turn. In this way, the vehicle remains locked at a certain point.


Causes of steering lock;

  • Moving the steering wheel while getting off or getting on the vehicle after the vehicle has stopped may lock the steering wheel.


  • Another problem that may arise from the mechanical maintenance of the vehicle can cause steering lock.


Is Your Steering Wheel Locked?

How to Unlock the Steering Wheel?

When your steering wheel locks, you do not have to panic. Your problem will be solved if you place the vehicle key in the ignition and move the steering wheel slightly to the right and left. If your vehicle has the start-stop feature, press the start button, and wait a few seconds. Then turn your steering wheel to the right and left slightly while holding down the start button.

If the steering wheel locks while the vehicle is in motion, the main reason for this is that you shift the vehicle to neutral when driving downhill. This situation is very dangerous and can have serious consequences. When driving downhill, it will be more beneficial to use the gear in a lower gear without setting it to neutral. It may also occur from electrical malfunctions. You must take your vehicle to an authorized service.


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