Is Lamborghini Sold?

There is a rumour that has been on the agenda of the European automobile media especially in recent days. The rumour is that the famous Italian sports car brand Lamborghini, owned by Volkswagen Group, may be sold. While the brand has been producing as a part of Volkswagen AG for years, it has faced the possibility of selling as a result of the offer to Volkswagen. Zurich-based Quantum Group AG managed to attract the attention of Volkswagen AG with its 7.5 billion euro offer.

Is Lamborghini Sold?

Although it is not possible to reach the content of the agreement officially, it is said that there are details such as Lamborghini facilities in Italy moving to Quantum Group, a 5-year supply cooperation with Audi and technology exchange in the field of electric cars. With these rumours, Volkswagen AG's response to the offer is not yet known. However, it is a fact that it is not unreasonable for Volkswagen to sell Lamborghini to a good value and turn to investment opportunities in different areas. We'll see what happens in the coming days.


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