Is it the Best in the World?

The automotive world has many prestigious organizations and awards. However, one of them manages to show its difference by covering the whole world. It is WCA (World Car Awards)! According to Prime Research data, WCA has been the world's number one award organization for seven years. The organization, which has been organizing since 2004, is getting more and more interesting every year thanks to its developing technology and diversity. The automotive giants from all over the world are participating in the organization, which celebrates its 16th anniversary this year, competing in various categories for the award. Although there are many strong candidates among the finalists of 2020, the winner was Kia Telluride. Let's take a closer look at Kia's new favourite!


Is it the Best in the World?

Brief History

Kia Telluride is an SUV model manufactured by South Korean automaker Kia Motors Corporation. The car, which takes its name from the town of "Telluride" in the state of Colorado in the United States, emerged as a concept vehicle in 2016. At the end of the design and production process, it was first introduced to the public at the North American International Auto Show in 2019. The purpose of producing the car was Kia's desire to create a powerful SUV against its competitors in the market such as Chevrolet, Ford and Honda. As a result of this request, Kia has produced the largest SUV it has ever built for the United States market. By demonstrating its potential in its early years, the car managed to win the World Car of the Year award in 2020.


Is it the Best in the World?

About Kia Telluride

Let's talk a little bit about Telluride's details. Telluride has launched in four different versions, LX, S, EX, and SX. It has been one of the examples of Kia's renewed design line from the very first moment. It has designed by Tom Kearns and it looks like the concept version. Only the front part of the car has been completely redesigned and there is no resemblance to the concept design. When we look at the body design in general, very wide and powerful design features take our attention. Also; as a result of Kia's new generation design trend, symmetrical design elements have been used in the body details. For example; The front grille design looks quite geometric. At the same time, the LED head and backlights at the front and rear are perfectly matched to the overall design. When we move to the interior design, a very luxurious and wide cabin area welcomes us. The centre console seems very effective. Control keys and ventilation inlets are placed practically. So, when the whole focus was in one place, the layout inside the cabin looked simple and elegant. The multimedia screen in the centre of this layout is quite large and designed to be easily used by both the driver and passengers. The wooden details on the consoles put Telluride into top-class SUVs. What Kia Telluride has to offer is not just limited to the design. Thanks to its advanced technology, the car offering a safe and comfortable travel experience. There is many software available such as; Lane Tracking System, Hill Start Assist, Front Collision Avoidance, Blind Spot Warning System, and Parking Assistant.


Is it the Best in the World?

Technical specifications

Currently, all Tellurides use a 3.8-liter V6 engine. While this engine has a 291 horsepower capacity, it also provides a torque of 5,400 RPM. The standard 8-speed automatic transmission makes the car very comfortable. As an SUV, the car comes with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options. The engine block is made of aluminium material. Thanks to that feature Telluride manages to pull the performance up. It uses GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) as the injection system. The car's fuel consumption outperforms cars like the Volkswagen Atlas and Honda Pilot compared to its competitors.


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