Importance of the regular maintenance

When looking at the maintenance of a car it is very important to do it on a regular basis in order to avoid unwanted problems.

Useful information about regular maintenance of the car

Importance of the regular maintenance

The car is so useful for a lot of us and when the car breaks down it can be really blow-minding. In order to avoid that, we offer some useful tips regarding the maintenance.

The Reliability of a car is extremely important nowadays and to extend a car or car parts life we recommend these daily tasks:

  • Checking the paint for any corrosion;
  • Checking the volume of air in the tires;
  • Checking the cars lights;
  • Checking the for oil leaks daily as well as checking for any other type of leaks.

Washing the vehicle

Everybody likes a washed car, but washing yours on a regular basis can extend the paint’s life. Using different solutions anti-corrosion and for protection can save you a lot of money in the future.

Cleaning the wheels, especially inside it, is rather important since the mud can be extremely corrosive.

Car’s Technical inspection every 10.000 km – First degree inspection

Car owners may not thing that checking the car in as service every 10.000 km (can be done even at 8.000 km) but mechanics can discover hidden problems that can save money in long run. The engine can leak oil or other liquids but if the issue is discovered in time, the damage can be minimum.

The suspension, steering and breaking systems need to be check as well since these systems have a big role in the safety of the car as well.

Vehicle’s Technical inspection at 30.000 km – Second degree inspection

Every 30.000 km there should be a second degree inspection, with mechanics making in-depth tests for the functionality of cars systems and in-depth cleaning of the major systems such as: breaking, steering or suspension. As well, there are a lot of components or liquids that need to be replace: brake fluid, brake pads, cooling liquid or the spark plugs.

Car’s Seasonal technical inspection

This inspection is rather important in countries with four seasons, where winter is present and  the tires needs to be changed for the cold season. Besides the tires, the density of the cooling liquid needs to be checked as well as checking all the cables and hoses that can break during the winter.

In the spring, the tires needs to be replaced with winter ones for best comfort and utility.

All in all, these small tips can be very useful, as the car maintenance is very important and can save the owner a lot of money in the long run.