Hyundai's Digital Steering Wheel Dream

Along with the developing technology, the cabin layout inside the cars started to go out of the ordinary. In this direction, size of the digital screens in the cabin layout of the modern cars started to grow and the image quality started to improve. We have seen the most recent examples of this situation in the Mercedes-Benz EQS and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Although the screens improved, their usage area and placement in the cabin were similar in every car. Until now. South Korean automaker Hyundai seems to be preparing a new perspective to the use of digital screens in cars.

Hyundai's Digital Steering Wheel Dream

If we make a guess in the light of the published project image, Hyundai plans to place the digital screen directly on the steering wheel. In the past, Hyundai has considered implementing a similar idea under the name of the "Virtual Cockpit Study", but there has been no news of the project since then. However, Hyundai seems to have not given up on the idea of placing the digital screen on the steering wheel with its new patent. No details are currently known in addition to the patent acquisition. Although more concrete examples are needed for this patent to be put into practice over time, Hyundai has the capacity to realize this with the innovative solutions it has added to the automotive industry so far. Time will tell how realistic this idea will be.


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