Hyundai i40 2.0 GDI Fuel Consumption

The Hyundai i40 is a large sedan with great features and good looking design.

Hyundai i40 2.0 GDI Fuel Consumption

As well, the Hyundai i40 can be found as a station wagon vehicle or Hyundai i40 Combi as it is called by the manufacturer.

The 2.0 GDI Engine

This engine which is running with petrol has 165 HP and the car equipped with one has a top speed of 210 km/h. More than that, the fuel tank has a capacity of 70 liters and euro 6 emission standard. This engine has 4 cylinders and it is capable of delivering a maximum output of 6200 RPM. As wheel the torque is at 203 Nm.

The Hyundai i40 2.0 GDI Real Fuel Consumption

While it’s stated by the manufacturer that the i40 equipped with 2.0 GDI has a combined fuel consumption of 7,5 liters / 100km or 38 MPG (UK) - 31 MPG (US), our algorythims of calculation shows that the Hyundai i40 2.0 GDI Real MPG is at about 11,8 liters / 100km or 24 MPG (UK) - 20 MPG (US). Regarding the numbers that are available due to our system of calculating the real mpg of a car, we can say that the 2.0 GDI engine is consuming a great deal of fuel.

Even if this vehicle may seem to consume more than average fuel for its class, it compensate trough the power that the 2.0 GDI engine is delivering as well as the cutting edge technologies available on the board such as the drive mode or the infotainment. As well, in the cockpit of the Hyundai i40 there are available premium materials as well as sport seats or other features that are very useful for drivers.

In conclusion, Hyundai i40 2.0 GDI real MPG of 11,8 liters / 100km or 24 MPG (UK) – 20 MPG (US) is rather high, but the power or the cutting edge technologies inside of the comfortable cockpit compensate for it and most users will be happy to use such a great car.  


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