How to reduce fuel consumption?

If you want to reduce your fuel consumption, you must follow our simple guide.

You don’t need to change your car in order to save money by using less fuel. The differences can be pretty significant depending on how you drive the car.

To understand better on how to save fuel for your car, we will explain how the car’s fuel works. In order to actually drive the car, the engine consumes some fuel. Every time you break, you’re wasting energy and ultimately fuel. That’s why, we encourage an economical style, with less breaks and smoother ride. In this way you will save a lot of fuel and achieve great fuel consumption.

Slowly push the gas pedal

How to reduce fuel consumption?

By doing this and by knowing the speed you should achieve, you will save fuel. As well, if you accelerate from 0 to 50km/h instead of accelerating from 0 to 60km/h, you will save about 30% petrol…And you can barely see the speed difference.

Also, if you are driving in the city, where the traffic is heavy, you should accelerate moderately because either way you will probably stop in the next hundreds of meters. That’s why you should keep the pedal under control.

Switch the gears correctly

If you switch the gears too low, or too high, the engine will consume considerably more. In order to find “the sweet zone” you should try to change the gears as low as you can, without having the car “vibrate”. Achieving this will make your driving style better and your fuel consumption will save a lot of money in the long run.

Use engine break

By using the engine break, all the time, not only when it’s raining or snowing, will again save money for fuel. Also, the break system will be more efficient and have more lifespan.

Get rid of useless things in the car

Even if it sounds silly, getting rid of 25-30 kg from the car, in the long run, this will save gas and money. For every extra 35kg the fuel consumption will go up with 1,5-2%.

Pay attention to your car tires.

You should only use the tires recommended by the manufacturer, as well, use the same pressure in tires as told in the car’s papers. Also, get winter tires but change them whenever the weather gets warm to avoid damaging them and consuming more petrol.

Using these advices you can save even up to 20-30% on the fuel consumption and also extend the lifespan of your car.