How to Extend Tire Life?

Since it will be a financial burden to change tires continuously, it is possible to minimize the damage and increase the service life of the tires by performing various maintenance on the vehicle and tires.


What Should We Do?

First of all, the clearest and most reasonable answer to the question of how to extend tire life is related to the way the vehicle is used. Fast starts together with hard and sudden braking cause the tires to wear out and thus shorten their life. In this direction, it will be useful to have your vehicle brake settings regularly. In addition, you should avoid harmful movements such as hard and sudden braking. It is very important for your tires that the rod-balance adjustment is done and checked at correct and regular time intervals. Since the friction of the tires of a vehicle with an uneven wheel balance adjustment will be much more and more severe, it also reduces the tire life.


Another issue is that the air pressure in the tires should be adjusted well. The important point in this matter is the number recommended by the tire manufacturer. In case of air pressure above the recommended value, this will cause tire wear. In case of air pressure below the recommended number, your driving pleasure will decrease, and your tires will wear out much more easily than normal.


Another important issue in extending tire life is driving speed. Aggressive and rapid use of the vehicle causes overheating and friction in the tires, which causes wear and a significant reduction in tire life. We shouldn't drive the car too harshly. Another technical issue is to check the tightness of lug nuts. Loose bolts cause uneven tire wear. Finally, it should not be forgotten that in parking situations for more than two weeks, tires may lose air, so you should increase the air pressure to normal levels and get your car on wedges. When all these measures are taken and maintenance is provided, it is possible to make significant savings financially and extend tire life.