How plug-in hybrid cars work?

The plug-in hybrid cars are the kind of cars which have a conventional engine, running on diesel or petrol, and an electric one as well as large size rechargeable battery.

By creating this system, the car can be driven on rather large distances using electricity. When the battery is emptied, the conventional engine kicks in and the car works like a regular diesel – petrol car.

Are the plugin-hybrid cars less polluting?

Using this technology, the car uses less fuel so the emissions are decreased dramatically.  For example, the Toyota Mirai, will have a combined fuel consumption of only 1.1 liters/100km (248 MPG (UK) - 207 MPG (US)). Using such levels of fuel clearly produces fewer emissions in the environment.

How plug-in hybrid cars work?

What are the advantages of plug-in hybrid cars?

One of the most important advantages of this kind of cars is clearly the fuel consumption. Because it is using a dual type engine, both fuel and electrical, the plug-in hybrid cars will use less fuel.

These cars are better to be used in cities, where you need to go slower and smaller distances. Using the plug-in option is great especially in bigger cities.

Also, another advantage is the tax cost, where most of the countries in Europe and North America are giving deals, coupons and help customers in getting cars that are less pollution hence plug in hybrid cars.

More than that, using the latest cutting edge technologies, most of the cars equipped with such engines, also offers better comfort and multimedia options.

When compared to fully electrical cars, the hybrid cars will have the range on their side. The reason for this would be that after the battery is completely depleted, the regular diesel or petrol engine will start working, creating a wider range for your travels.

What are the disadvantages of plug in hybrid cars?

As a rather new technology, it’s still expensive; therefore one of the biggest disadvantages of any car of this tip will be the cost.

As well, another issue would be the battery life, while there was tremendous progress concerning batteries, these still needs to be improved. Still, soon after 2020, the batteries used, will be better, larger and have a great life in contrast with the conventional engine cars.

In conclusion, the hybrid cars are great for cities, less pollution and with great fuel consumption when used in rather short distances. Also, the newer models offer great options in matter of multimedia and comfort.