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In this review, we are going to take a closer look at the Honda CR-Z. We will examine the details about the Honda CR-Z under three main categories such as The Features of the Honda CR-Z, The Fuel Consumption of the Honda CR-Z and Basic Characteristics of Honda CR-Z. These categories prepared for explaining the vehicle from any perspective. Before beginning the review, I would like to share some general information about the history of the Honda CR-Z. When we look at the origin story of the CR-Z, we see a rather complicated adventure that eventually achieved an unexpected success. The CR-Z concept, which was inspired by Honda Remix and Honda Small Hybrid Sports concept vehicles created by Honda in 2006 and 2007, was first exhibited at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Three years later, Honda announced that it will start mass production of the car under the name CR-Z. The name of the car remained CR-Z, a shortened version of the "Compact Renaissance Zero" motto.


The Features of the Honda CR-Z

In this part of the review, we are going to focus on the features of the Honda CR-Z. We can start with the exterior design of the Honda CR-Z. When we look at the exterior design of the Honda CR-Z, we can also say that it is inspired by the Honda Civic Hatchback models in previous generations. Especially the rear part of the car had a very striking design among the cars released at that time. The sharp rear window design and geometric body lines offered an extraordinary beauty. We can easily say that the tough and sporty lines on the body of the car symbolize the enjoyable driving experience, which is not only a hybrid everyday vehicle but also a means of design. Now, we are moving on to the interior design of the Honda CR-Z. The interior design of the Honda CR-Z is quite impressive. We already know that the Honda brand is a brand that attaches great importance to cabin design details and combines these details in harmony with futuristic cabin designs. The interior design of the CR-Z is proof of one of Honda's design visions. Especially the colour harmony in the car is very nice. Ice blue lighting and screen colours create a very impressive image in the cabin dominated by dark tones. Also, Honda designers, who created a completely driver-oriented layout, positioned all the important details around the driver so that the driver can easily access all the controls. Featuring a multimedia screen in the centre console, the CR-Z can meet all the needs of the driver and passengers. The cabin design, which is reminiscent of the cockpit of an airplane, looks very effective.


The Fuel Consumption of the Honda CR-Z

Now, we are going to focus on the fuel consumption of the Honda CR-Z. We usually work on popular engine types and making analyses on them by checking details for an efficient fuel consumption analysis. While choosing the right car, you need specific and simple information. That is why we are using this distinction method to make things easier for you. We use two main categories to make a useful distinction such as The Most Economical One and The Most Powerful One. However, Honda CR-Z has got one hybrid engine and it is 1.5 Hybrid. We are going to analyse it with all details we can give. We can start with the general engine structure of the 1.5 Hybrid. It has got a four cylindered and two valved inner structure with a 1497 cm3 size. It is using a Hybrid feed fuel system so we can say that it is a Hybrid type engine. The engine’s acceleration timing is 9.9 seconds and the maximum speed level is 200 km/h. It can produce 124 HP and 6100 RPM Torque. According to the official factory data, 1.5 Hybrid has got a 6,1lt/100km (which refers to 46 MPG in the UK) fuel consumption performance in Urban usage. However, this MPG performance decreasing to 4,4lt/100km (which refers to 64 MPG in the UK) in Extra Urban usage such as Highways or Long-Distance Trip. When we combine these two fuel consumption data, we get a 5,0lt/100km (which refers to 56 MPG in the UK) average fuel consumption rate.


Basic Characteristics of Honda CR-Z

  • Japanese Originated
  • Hybrid Vehicle
  • Medium Fuel Consumption
  • Ideal Car for Single Person
  • Budget Friendly Car
  • Aesthetic Interior Design
  • Sportive Exterior Look