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Today, we are going to talk about the most famous model of the Honda brand which is Civic. Honda Civic is Subcompact based vehicle but throughout generations it evolved into a Compact Car Segment. The first generation of the Honda Civic released in early 70’s with a two door body type. Then after months a three door hatchback option released. Despite its small size, Civic offered a large cabin space to the users like British brand Mini. After the sensational debut, Civic gained a lot of reputation as a fuel efficient vehicle which is trustworthy and eco friendly. As a low cost car in a generation of high fuel costs, Civic saved numerous customers from an economical trouble about fuel prices. In addition to these facts, Honda created a performance option for Civic which become an iconic brand as TypeR. It remained same with little changes such as; GTI and VTI. Now, let’s analyse this historical model under three main categories such as; The Features of the Honda Civic, The Fuel Consumption of the Honda Civic and Does it Suits You?


The Features of the Honda Civic

Currently, Honda Civic has one of the most futuristic designs in automotive industry. There are some major changes inside and the outside designs of the Civic when we compare with the old generations. The front part of the Civic has got a new wing style design which makes headlights set sharper than before with aesthetic design features. If we check out the whole body of the vehicle, we might see some solid and sharp lines which makes Civic sportive and futuristic but also classy. When we pass to the interior design, the first major change is all digital Driver Information System which we used to see at the Premium Class vehicles. It is completely customizable and useful than the old split bi-level speedometer and tachometer. Also, with Honda Connect (MMI System of the Honda Brand) you can easily access to your smartphone for playing a playlist, making phone calls, sending or receiving messages etc. It is compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. By using an HDMI cable, you can even watch a movie or video in Honda Connect. Another advanced technology advantage is the wireless charging unit. You can put your smartphone into the unit then it will automatically recharge your smartphone without using any cable. Finally, some features for Honda Civic makes driving experience safer and more comfortable such as; Multi-View Rear Parking Camera, Electronic Parking Brake with Brake Hold and Motion Adaptive Electric Power Steering which helps to driver for making a proper steering angle in a slippery corner while driving.


The Fuel Consumption of the Honda Civic

It’s time to make some conversation about the fuel consumption of the Honda Civic. To understand this subject, we need to check out the engine types of the Civic. It has four engine option which are; 1.0 Turbo, 1.5 Turbo, 1.5 and 2.0 TypeR. We are going to focus on the Most Economical Engine and the Most Powerful Engine to provide you a clear perspective about the engine types and their fuel consumptions. Let’s start with the Most Economical One which is; 1.0 Turbo S SVT. It is a three cylindered, 988 cm3 sized, petrol type engine which produces 129 Horsepower and 5500 RPM Torque. According to the official factory data 1.0 Turbo has a 5.5lt/100km (which refers to 51 MPG in UK) fuel consumption rate in Urban usage. However, this rate decreasing to 4.2lt/100km (which refers to 67 MPG in UK) in Extra Urban usage such as; Highway or Long Distance Trip. When we combine these two data we get a 4.7lt/100km (which refers to 60 MPG in UK) average fuel consumption performance for 1.0 Turbo S SVT. It’s 2.0 TypeR’s turn now. This performance monster is a four cylindered, 1996 cm3 sized, Petrol type engine which produces 320 Horsepower and 6500 RPM Torque which is huge when we compare with a standard Civic engine. 2.0 TypeR has got a 9.0lt/100km (which refers to 31 MPG in UK) MPG Rate when you use TypeR in Urban. On the other hand, this rate decreasing to 6.0lt/100km (which refers to 47 MPG in UK) at the Extra Urban usage. When we combine these two official factory data we get 7.0lt/100km (which refers to 40 MPG in UK) average MPG data which means bad news for your wallet.


Does it Suits You?

I think this question deserves an answer such as; maybe. If you are looking for an economical vehicle I can say that in Compact Sized Car Industry, Honda Civic can find a place among economical compact cars. But I cannot say the same thing for TypeR model. If you are looking for adrenaline and performance, it fits perfectly to you. However, if you are looking for a fuel efficient performance car, I advise you to compare TypeR with other brands.