History of Dacia

The History of the Dacia car starts in 1966 with the Construction of the first factory in Mioveni, Romania. After signing a license agreement, between Renault and Romanian Government in 1968, the first Dacia 1100 is assembled under the license of Renault R8 and Dacia 1300 in 1969 under the license of Renault R12.

Between 1970 and 1980 Dacia develops an entire model range with different types of passenger cars and utility cars.

In 1995 the first car, Dacia Nova, is developed only by Romanian engineers.

In 1998, the factory gets the ISO 9001 certificate regarding the quality of its cars and the 2,000,000 vehicles are assembled. 

At 2 of July 1999, Dacia becomes part of the Renault Group. Shortly after, in 2000, the new Dacia SupeRNova is released as the first car of the Romanian-French collaboration.

In April 2003 Dacia Solenza is launched with different engine versions: Petrol 1.4 MP and Diesel 1.9D.

In 2004 the best known Dacia model, Logan, is launched. It came with two engines: 1.4 MPI and 1.6 MPI, both on petrol. Shortly after, in 2005 the diesel engine is launched (1.5 dCi).  With the help of Logan model, Dacia boosts it’s production to a staggering 172.000 cars build.

In 2006 the MCV (break) make is launched for the Logan and a new engine is developed: 1.6 16V (105HP).

The year of 2007 comes with several new models for the Dacia Logan such as Dacia Logan VAN, Dacia Logan LPG and Logan Pick-Up, a utility car. 

In 2008 Dacia Group launches its new model – Sandero with a great success, especially in Western Europe. In the same year, there were already 50.000 Dacia Sandero cars build.

In 2009 the 1.2 16V (75 HP) more economically engine is introduced for the Dacia Logan and Sandero.

History of Dacia

Dacia Duster, the so-called, Off-Road vehicle is released. It came as a great success especially in the Western Europe as it was (and still is) one of the most economically and easy to maintained cars in its class. 

The new Dacia Lodgy, a family car, is launched with great success in 2012 (in Paris car show) as well with the remake models of Dacia Logan, Dacia Sandero, and Dacia Sandero Stepway.

In 2013 and 2014 new records are braked regarding Dacia’s selling’s (3.000.000 cars sold since 2004 and 430.000 in 2013 only).

The latest news about Dacia is that it will come with a new redesigned Easy-R Gearbox. 


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