Get electrified with Byqee!

In recent years, electric micro mobility vehicles have started to gain a significant place in our lives. Solutions developed in this field around the world are becoming more innovative day by day. One of the most striking products of recent years came from the new Turkish initiative Byqee.

Get electrified with Byqee!

Byqee was developed by a team of 4 people operating in Istanbul Technical University Teknokent and can turn any type of bicycle into an electric bicycle in minutes with a very easy installation. While similar conversion kits are already on the market, Byqee has been developed to mount the entire kit on the handlebar, except for the electric motor wheel. In this way, the structure of the conversion kit has become applicable to all types of bicycles.

The most important part is that the system has a very light and very small battery, weighing only 1.2 kg. Thus, the Byqee kit becomes very useful both in terms of safety (the most important concern in electric bicycles is the theft of the battery) and practicality. To charge the battery of the kit, you can easily remove it and carry it with you comfortably. To charge it, simply connect the charger that comes with the kit to any household socket that you can charge your phone. At this point, Byqee has two different options. Base or Pro package. While the "Base" pack can be fully charged in 3 hours, the "Pro" pack can be fully charged in 4 hours. You have to sacrifice some money for the electric bicycles that are already on the market. In contrast, Byqee offers an electric bicycle experience to its users at a very affordable price. It has a much lower price than an average electric bicycle with the same technical specifications. The "Base" package offered by Byqee has a range of 30 km, while the "Pro" package has a range of 45 km. (It is specified in the technical specifications with the condition that half of the average battery capacity is used during the driving time with pedal support)

Get electrified with Byqee!

Another parameter emphasized by the Byqee team in addition to the affordable price is that the users can choose the style they want and create their own electric bicycles that will reflect their own style. Design options in the electric bike market are quite limited, but with Byqee, it is possible to convert any type of bike to electric. It is very pleasing that there are such contributions among the products developed for a greener world. To pre-order Byqee or to support the initiative, you can visit the Byqee page by clicking here.


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