Fiat 500 and other 500 types

The legendary Fiat 500 is one of the best selling cars in Europe.

Fiat 500 and other 500 types

The Fiat 500

Fiat 500 is a small hatchback car, mostly used as a city car and that will stand out in the crowd. This small vehicle is made with premium materials for both interior and exterior. The standard 500 can accommodate 4 passengers and is a 2 door model plus the hatchback. This model is a preferred choice of ladies as well as rather young people.

Fiat 500C

The 500c is basically same with Fiat 500, but comes with a convertible rooftop creating a more sportive and dynamic look. As well, the windshield is slightly elongated and additionally the 500 it comes with a spoiler for improved traction and control. Even if the standard model is fun, the 500C bring the fun to a new level. Same with the 500 type, the 500C is mostly used by people under 40.

Fiat 500L

Created as a longer version that can accommodate 5 passengers (instead of 4 for the 500 and 500C) it comes in a 4 door configuration, plus the hatchback. The main difference between the standard and the L variation is the trunk volume with 412 liters compared to 185 liters for the plain 500. As well the loading capacity is 485 kg for the L compared to 340 kg for the standard.  The L model from Fiat 500 has two other variations, the living and the trekking models.

Fiat 500X

The X type is mostly used by families because it’s the biggest 500 that there is. With a trunk volume of 560 liters (for the X living model) and a loading capacity of about 440 liters the 500X variation is more like a medium hatchback car. This model comes with 4 doors and can accommodate 5 passengers. This is the only model that can be equipped with the 2.0 JTD engine (140 HP).

In conclusion, the popular 500 is a small city car preferred by the youth, while the L and X models are bigger models that can accommodate more passengers and have a bigger utility space and are preferred by families.