FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS contains many information and data about automobiles. You may have some questions though.

How to calculate fuel consumption?

There are many ways to calculate fuel consumption of your car. Manufacturers calculates it using following fuel consumption formulas:

Urban consumption: The urban cycle is performed at an ambient temperature of 20o C to 30o C in a laboratory. Test begins with a cold start. During the test, vehicle performs accelerations, idling and driving at constant speed.  Vehicle reaches 50 kilometers per hour as maximum speed, average speed 19 kilometers per hour and the covered distance is 4 kilometers.

Extra-urban consumption: The cycle begins just after urban cycle and contains semi-constant speed driving with acceleration, decelerations and idling. Vehicle reaches up to 120 kilometers per hour as maximum speed, average speed is 63 kilometers per hour. During test, covered distance is 7 kilometers.

Combined consumption: 37% of urban cycle and 63% of extra-urban cycle values are summed up for the combined fuel consumption value.

How can I calculate fuel cost?

You can use a simple equation for fuel consumption: Firstly full your fuel tank. Reset your trip odometer after. Then start driving your car until your fuel tank is almost empty. Refill your fuel tank and record the amount of fuel you buy. Simply divide the amount of fuel used by kilometers covered. This will give you the consumption in liters per kilometer.

Is website up to date?

Yes, shares latest technical data of cars. The collected data is published by manufacturer brands. We give you a chance to list and compare cars according to published values.

How to submit fuel consumption data?

You can submit your fuel consumption data without signing up. Go and find detailed page of your car. Find the ‘Submit’ button, fill the blanks and you are ready to share your data. Submitting your data will help other users to have impressions about the particular model.