Drum or Disc Brakes?

Drum or Disc Brakes?

Your vehicle may have a high performance, but what about its safety? Many drivers forget to consider one important detail when focusing on the criterion we just mentioned. How their vehicle will slow down! Today's modern cars can reach high limits that are difficult to control, thanks to high performance engines and modifications. At this point, the brake system comes into play and takes control and allows the vehicle to slow down gradually. So, which one is the most efficient brake system? Drum or disc? With this little guide, we will take a look at the differences between the two systems.


  • Disc brake systems have a much faster cooling feature than drum brakes due to their perforated structure and the outer surface of them in contact with clean air.



  • Drum brakes can warm up much faster and cool down much longer than disc brakes.



  • Disc brakes have a much cheaper and effective life compared to drum brakes in terms of maintenance costs. In addition, the labour expended is much lower.



  • Unlike the drum system, disc brake systems do not experience any seizure or seizure at high levels since there is no effective servo mechanism operation. This situation can be seen in drum brakes.



  • In disc brake systems, you need to apply a higher force to the brake pedal than the drum.



  • Finally, due to the high cost of disc brake systems, the placement of handbrake mechanisms can be made cheaper in drum systems.