Discovering Adblue

The automotive sector is growing day by day with technology and is doing new impressive works. Along with this growth and technological development, the sector is trying to minimize the damage it causes to the environment. Thanks to the support of governments and non-governmental organizations, very important steps are taken. Cars produced today emit much lower emissions compared to the past. These efforts are very important for a cleaner and longer lasting world. One of these efforts that are important for our ecosystem is the AdBlue solution. So, what is AdBlue? How does AdBlue work? Why is AdBlue used? Let's examine these questions together.


Discovering Adblue

What is AdBlue?

The name of Adblue is commonly used in the market for the solution, whose original name is DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). This situation is actually a complete marketing strategy. Another name is AUG 32. The purpose of this solution is to reduce the emission values of diesel engine cars.


Discovering Adblue

How Does AdBlue Work?

Harmful exhaust gases are released as a result of using fuel in the engine. Filtration systems in vehicles do not show very high performance in nitrogen gases. For this reason, AdBlue is used as a precaution against NOx gas, which is very harmful to nature. Aiming to reduce waste gas emissions in diesel vehicles, AdBlue consists of 32.5% pure urea and 67.5% pure water. This liquid is used in diesel vehicles with SCR i.e. catalytic reduction system. The main purpose of the liquid is to reduce the nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gas. Before the NOx gas coming to the SCR mixes into the air with the help of the exhaust, AdBlue liquid is sprayed on it. Thus, NOx, which reacts with AdBlue, turns into nitrogen and water vapor. In this way, the NOx gas is almost 90% filtered.


Discovering Adblue

Why is AdBlue Used?

Exhaust emission values are determined as EURO norms. Today, European countries are trying to implement the EURO 6 Emission Standards. According to Euro 6 standards, the emission rates of diesel cars should be 67% less. That is why diesel automobile manufacturers use the solution they call AdBlue. The AdBlue solution, which greatly reduces the nitrogen oxide gas emission that causes acid rain and deterioration of natural flora, makes the emission values in line with the EURO 6 standards.

This solution is by no means a fuel. It will not increase the performance of your vehicle or reduce your fuel consumption. It is a solution that only reduces emission values and makes your vehicle environmentally friendly. While it was used only in commercial vehicles in the past, it has become widespread in passenger vehicles today.


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