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 Fuel Consumption Fuel Consumption

Urban 11,4 lt/100km
25 MPG (UK) - 21 MPG (US)
Extra Urban 5,9 lt/100km
48 MPG (UK) - 40 MPG (US)
Combined 7,9 lt/100km
36 MPG (UK) - 30 MPG (US)

 Estimated Test Consumption Estimated Test Consumption

Combined 13,3 lt/100km
21 MPG (UK) - 18 MPG (US)
Cost 19,77 €/100km
(19,77 €/100km)
Fuel Price
Daily true consumption MPG (imperial UK)
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Daewoo Lanos 1.4 SE Review

2017 Daewoo Lanos Lanos 1.4’s production started in 2097 and continued in and 2017. Lanos Lanos is a 3 doors Hatchback in C class / Medium car. Automobile weight is 1005 kg with 590 liters trunk loading capacity. Lanos 1.4 SE has a 1,3 l Petrol engine. With 1349 cc engine size it produces 75 horsepower and 115 Nm torque. The power is transmitted by a 5 speed Manual gearbox with Front wheel drive. Vehicle can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h (60 mph) in 15.0 seconds. Top speed is limited by 166 km/h (103 mph). The engine has a Euro 2 (bis 2500kg) standard. Fuel tank capacity is 48 liters. Consumption in city is 11.4 lt/100km, consumption in highway is 5.9 lt/100km and combined fuel consumption is 7.9 lt/100km according to official factory data. Estimated Lanos 1.4 SE real World MPG/consumption is 13,3 lt/100km. It is expected to consume 65 percent more fuel than factory data in real conditions and during test drives.


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