Calculate the mileage while saving the cost

The mileage is a very important factor for all the vehicle owners. While purchasing any vehicle that is run by fuel or gas, mileage becomes the first concern for every buyer. The MPG unit defines the relationship between distance and consumption of fuel. It is important to know not only to save your budget but also to keep the environment pollution free.


The term MPG – MILE PER GALON refers to a measure of cars and vehicles and denotes the fuel consumption per gallon. It is a metric unit of the distance travelled by vehicles on an average basis. The MPG calculator is keeping an account of how much energy gets consumed per unit.

The overview

MPG is a short form of Mile per Gallon this term is mostly used in the Europe continent and in the US. The unit MPG – MILE PER GALON was first introduced by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the USA in the year 2010. So to precisely define the fuel consumption various measurement techniques are used. The concern lies in summarizing the relationship of distance travelled by vehicles and how much fuel is getting consumed. Since the fuel consumption is highly influential to cause air pollution, hence there are many rules and conditions to abide by. When it comes to dealing with fuel importation to overseas market. The fuel has to go through many stages of tests to qualify the requirements imposed by different countries in the trade.

More about MPG

So what can you do to better the mpg to save expenses? With the given economical stature, which is rising day by day, it is important to keep a check on your car and the cost involved with it. Like most of us the car owners do not know the fact that about 15% of the fuel gets used, rest gets wasted. Well, there are many other reasons that propel to waste the maximum amount of fuel. The main reason of them is car maintenance, which can enhance the longevity and mileage of the car to a great extent. 

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