BMW 530i Fuel Consumption

Find out how much is the real MPG for the luxurious sedan from BMW.

The 530i is a great car with premium materials build-in and cutting edge technology that creates a great environment for the driver and its passengers.

The BMW 530i Manufacturer’s fuel consumption

While these numbers are being calculated in lab conditions, they are 99% lower than the real effective ones that drivers would experience. The catalogue values for the 530i are a combined 5.5 liters/100km -51 MPG (UK) - 43 MPG (US) for the Steptronic version. The xDrive Steptronic from BMW 530i has a catalogue value for the fuel consumption situated at 6.0 liters/100km or 47 MPG (UK) - 39 MPG (US).

BMW 530i Fuel Consumption

The BMW 530i Real MPG

The real MPG or real fuel consumption for the BMW 530i is established by our algorithms that give a more realistic value than the one offered by the manufacturer. While this value may be somehow different from the one other drivers can experience we encourage our users to input their own in order to create a better average.

There are two configurations for the 530i with the steptronic and the xDrive Steptronic. For the first version the real fuel consumption would be 8.6 liters/100km or 33 MPG (UK) - 27 MPG (US). The xDrive Steptronic has its values a little bit higher to a 9.6 liters/100km or 29 MPG (UK) - 25 MPG (US).

Tips on how to save fuel for the BMW 530i

Even if the real MPG for BMW 530i is not that high, there are some ways that can maybe improve these numbers and save some fuel on the long run. One of the most important tips is to use the vehicle in a non-aggressive way. Establishing a self-controlled driving pattern with low bursts and not accelerating and breaking very fast will improve the fuel consumption. As well, the correct tires as well as changing the tires when it is the time, will improve the numbers. More than that, changing the oil and other fluids the car has and checking it every 10.000 will create a difference regarding fuel.

All in all, the great BMW 530i is a powerful, elegant and luxurious sedan with a decent fuel consumption that can be improved with a little work. 


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