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  • Presidential Cars Around the World

    Presidential Cars Around the World

    At the beginning or in a part of every news, you can see a country's leader getting off his presidential vehicle or getting into his presidential vehicle. So which country's leader uses which car? We will share with you the most famous ones in the article Read More

  • Formula's Green Side

    Formula's Green Side

    What does the word Formula bring to your mind? Formula 1, Formula 2, or even Formula 3 series, right? However, there is one more series that most racing enthusiasts do not take into account, and we will remember it much more in the future than the series Read More

  • How to Store Tires?

    How to Store Tires?

    Changing seasons mean changing road conditions. Accordingly, you should change the tires of your vehicle according to these conditions. However, when it comes to how these tires should be stored, we have got some words to say. Read More

  • British Brands and Their Stories

    British Brands and Their Stories

    Welcome to the "Brands and Their Stories" series where we examine the national brands of countries and the stories behind these brands. In the first part of the series, we will visit British soil and take a closer look at British brands that have left the Read More

  • Oxidation Nightmare

    Oxidation Nightmare

    All drivers look at their cars like their own children and want to get maximum efficiency from every part. On the other hand, after the cars leave the factory, they need some part replacements over time. However, the subject we're going to talk about toda Read More

  • Towards 2021 in F1

    Towards 2021 in F1

    One of the most interesting seasons of recent years in Formula 1 ended with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. There were a lot of speculation and possibility that some of them were hard to believe. But after the season is over, most teams seem to have found the i Read More

  • An Italian Icon: Pirelli!

    Pirelli is one of the brands known for their iconic logo, famous sponsorships, and their reputation in the tire world. While most people see Pirelli as a simple tire maker, when you look closely, Pirelli is much more than a simple tire brand. Read More

  • Green Step by Volkswagen

    The Volkswagen brand has always been the symbol of exciting steps and investments in the automotive industry. One of the most important areas that the brand has recently invested in is electric cars! Read More

  • What is Euro NCAP?

    When you view an automobile brochure or watch a promotional film, there is only one detail that does not change. Information about the safety equipment that the vehicle has! In this article, we have examined Euro NCAP in detail for you. Read More

  • Inside: Start-Stop

    There is a system that we frequently encounter in cars that have been on the market in recent years. The name given to this system by the automotive industry is Start-Stop! Read More

  • He's Now a Legend!

    2020 F1 Turkish Grand Prix has been completed with all the excitement today. There were many surprises in the race, which witnessed great excitement from practical tours to qualifying tours. Read More

  • The Shield of Your Paint: Ceramic Coating!

    There is a subject that we have started to hear recently and that automobile owners are following with curiosity. This subject is car ceramic coating, also known as ceramic paint protection. In this blog post we are going to examine the answers to the que Read More

  • Correct Use of Engine Oil

    Engine oil significantly affects the performance and engine structure of your vehicle. Over time, the low level of engine oil can cause serious problems in your engine. For this reason, it is very important that we check the engine oil periodically. Read More

  • Protecting Your Car Paint

    Over the years, some negativities such as fading, scratches, damage and wear may occur on your vehicle's paint for various reasons. The likelihood of this happening is much higher if your vehicle does not have paint protection. Read More

  • Discovering Adblue

    Cars produced today emit much lower emissions compared to the past. These efforts are very important for a cleaner and longer lasting world. One of these efforts that are important for our ecosystem is the AdBlue solution. Read More

  • Everything About Worn Tires

    There is no expiration date on the tires that indicates that the tires have expired and should be replaced. Like all the parts in the car, the tires of your car also wear out over time. Read More

  • Is it the Best in the World?

    The automotive world has many prestigious organizations and awards. However, one of them manages to show its difference by covering the whole world. It is WCA (World Car Awards)! Although there are many strong candidates among the finalists of 2020, the w Read More

  • Meeting of Elegance and Technology: Peugeot 208

    The European Car of the Year award is perhaps one of the most prestigious awards in the automotive world. Today, we are going to talk about the Peugeot 208 which is the winner of 2020 Car of the Year award. Read More

  • Jaguar I-Pace: The Conqueror

    The European Car of the Year award is perhaps one of the most prestigious awards in the automotive world. Today I will tell you about one of the cars in the car world that has written its name in gold letters. This car is none other than Jaguar I-Pace! Read More

  • World Car of the Year 2020 Finalists

    One of the most important awards in the automotive world, the World Car of the Year Awards has found its owner this year! Read More