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  • Fresh Blood to Renault!

    Fresh Blood to Renault!

    While the Renault Megane e-Vision is expected to be introduced in 2021, it was caught concretely on cameras for the first time. The photo of the car, which is still in the testing process, seems to excite the electric car enthusiasts. Read More

  • Americans vs. Europeans

    Americans vs. Europeans

    Many automobile manufacturers around the world produce the car they have launched separately for the American and European markets. Read More

  • Get electrified with Byqee!

    Get electrified with Byqee!

    In recent years, electric micro mobility vehicles have started to gain a significant place in our lives. Solutions developed in this field around the world are becoming more innovative day by day. One of the most striking products of recent years came fro Read More

  • New Face of Peugeot!

    New Face of Peugeot!

    Many brands in the automotive world have used various logos representing themselves over the years. Although these logos are renewed periodically, they generally represent the ideology of the brand and represent the manufacturer on the cars. Read More

  • Rebirth of Fiat 126's Spirit

    Rebirth of Fiat 126's Spirit

    MA-DE Studio, an Italy-based design company, created a renewed concept design for the car that has not lost its popularity over the years. With this project called 126 Vision, they tried to find an answer to the question of what kind of appearance the Fia Read More

  • Working Principle of Fog Lights

    Working Principle of Fog Lights

    Let's say you woke up one morning, got ready, and are about to go to work. When you look out of the window, you see that the weather is foggy. Although driving your car is risky in such weather, fog lights come to your rescue in this situation. Read More

  • A Preview of the 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

    The C-Class, one of the iconic models of the German automaker Mercedes-Benz, welcomes the year 2021 with a new design! Read More

  • What You Didn't Know About Tire Pressure

    We must check the tire pressure of our vehicle periodically. No driver wants to encounter an unexpected tire problem in traffic. Especially drivers who will take the long journey. Read More

  • Is Your Steering Wheel Locked?

    Steering lock is an annoying event that happens to most drivers. Automobile manufacturers are trying to ensure the safety of vehicles with the measures they have developed against automobile thefts. Read More

  • The Electric World of Car Batteries!

    In this article, we will search answers to questions such as "Why Are Car Batteries Depleted?", "How to Extend the Life of the Car Battery?" and "How Do We Know When the Lifetime of the Car Battery Is Over?" Read More

  • Story of the Seat Belt

    When it comes to driver and passenger safety, the seat belt is the first thing that people think of. This small but important piece in your car has managed to become what it is, after a long development process. Read More

  • Your Reliable Assistant Against Winter: Antifreeze

    Although you need wiper water when you want to clean it by reducing the density of the dirt on the glass of your vehicle, you cannot clean your glass because your wiper water is frozen due to the cold. So how can you solve this problem? Actually, the answ Read More

  • Hydrogen Cars File

    In this article, we will take a look at hydrogen cars, a type of car that remains a bit more in the background but promises a lot of hope for the future. Read More

  • Mysterious Repaired Seat Belts

    With the advancement of technology, seat belt systems have also changed and improved. They can also be used over and over again. Read More

  • Inner Structure of Brake Pads

    If you are a car owner, you may have heard a few things about brake pads at least once or twice. These pieces, which usually come to the fore with their fragrances, are parts that should be taken very seriously and their maintenance should not be disrupte Read More

  • Stage Modifications

    Although there are many different modification types and modification methods, the most important modification processes that drivers dream of are of course under the hood. In this article, we will take a look at the stage 1-2-3 modification type, which i Read More

  • Traffic for Beginners

    Hundreds of people get driving licenses every year and join this crowded world called traffic. Hundreds of people like you experience the same excitement with the same mindset. There are some pretty simple tricks for solving this excitement. In the articl Read More

  • Mercedes-Benz's Latest Wonder: AMG One

    Although we have seen some new hyper car moves from brands such as Bugatti in recent years, Mercedes was a brand that kept its silence for a while. However, with the AMG One, this silence seems to be broken by a rather serious challenge. There it is Merce Read More

  • Drum or Disc Brakes?

    Your vehicle may have a high performance, but what about its safety? Many drivers forget to consider one important detail when focusing on the criterion we just mentioned. How their vehicle will slow down! Read More

  • The Scam: Dirty Fuel

    If you are not driving a fully electric car, the quality and purity of the fuel you buy for your vehicle is very important. Unfortunately, there is a lot of dirty (bad) fuel as well as fuel of Euro norms in the market. Read More