Best of Autocar 2020

Each vehicle is equipped with a variety of techniques. So that each vehicle, its own technical property gets. However, in general, a vehicle consists of several parts which have been manufactured in independent assemblies. For each vehicle, the engine power, the displacement, torque, the automatic shift speed, even the total weight is also like the dimensions of the car in different techniques, peculiarities. The interplay of the different parts, due to the technical characteristics of the individual parts, ensure a proper funtion of the vehicles. With today's day-to-day technology and exploration, there are now very many types of vehicles which can be said slightly more about their technical achievements. Among the main groups of vehicle parts providing engine power, the engine itself is the main group supplied by the power transmission. Thus, the vehicle achieves a smooth chassis. The engine is the brain of the vehicle. Several vehicles that are produced in the new generation are usually equipped with automatic gearshifts.

A vehicle generally consists of a main group, engine, power transmission, chassis, body and vehicle electrical system. These are the machines of the vehicles which generate the mechanical driving force through the energy conversion. In general, combustion engines are used in today's vehicle industry. Chassis of the vehicle consists of suspension, damping, steering, wheel suspension, wheels and tires. The main roller is the brake system.

The chassis is one of the largest technical group of vehicle parts that ensure the safety of the vehicle.

The abbreviation of a vehicle is considered to be a car. There are also vehicle classes which arrange the vehicles in groups. For the passenger car, the vehicle class is EU vehicle class, M-Class, means 4 wheel vehicle for passenger transport. The M-Class is also permitted for the cars of all drive types.

The EC Directive 70/156 / EEC has divided the vehicles into classes, depending on your technical characteristics.

The classes for the car are M1 with a maximum of 8 seats. M2 with more than 8 seats not exceeding 5 tonnes. M3 class cars are designed for more than 5 tons of total weight and multiple seating.

There are also the N-Classes, vehicles responsible for freight transport, with 4 wheels. N1 with a total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes. N2 with 12 tons. N3 the somewhat weighty vehicles with about 12 tons.

After longer researches in automotive technology, the most environmentally conscious vehicles with autogas which have been in use for a very long time, and natural gas. It is an alternative driving concept for the vehicles that have been created with special techniques.

In particular, vehicles with electric drive are the vehicles that are produced using alternative drive technology. These vehicles are equipped with electric drive and hybrid drive.

Each vehicle generally has its own technical feature, from looks to details, car accessories. Therefore, each vehicle also maintains its own total weight. This is generally the case with vehicle technology.