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In this review, we are going to take a closer look at the Audi A4. We will examine the details about the Audi A4 under three main categories such as The Features of the Audi A4, The Fuel Consumption of the Audi A4 and Characteristics of Audi A4. These categories prepared for explaining the vehicle from any perspective. Before beginning the review, I would like to share some general information about the history of the Audi A4. The A4 is a Compact Executive Car produced by the German automaker Audi under the Volkswagen Group brand. Throughout the history of the car, three different body options such as Sedan, Station Wagon, and Convertible have been offered to the market. It also has front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options. The first generation emerged in the mid-90s and in the following years, sales outside Europe began.


The Features of the Audi A4

In this part of the review, we are going to focus on the features of the Audi A4. We can start with the exterior design of the Audi A4. The A4 model, built on Volkswagen's B Platform, has become much more attractive after the last make-up. The new generation A4, which has much sportier and sharper lines than the previous generations, has an extremely aggressive body design. The edges of the iconic Audi grille are angular and much wider. While the LED headlights in the front and rear sections increase the safety level of the car, they also contribute positively to the design of the car in terms of aesthetics. The general body lines make the body design of the car rigid and aerodynamic. It is a fact that the lines on the hood look very attractive. The geometric exhaust outlets are an important detail that completes the sportive look of the car. Now, we are moving on to the interior design of the Audi A4. If we focus on the interior design, the first thing that catches our attention is pure Audi quality. All materials used in cabin design are combined for maximum comfort and maximum quality. The A4 cabin, which is produced by a design team with a high sense of German engineering and aesthetics, draws attention with its driver-oriented and extremely practical technology wonders. The multimedia touch screen in the centre console is quite large and comfortable to use. In this way, drivers and passengers can meet all their needs without loss of attention during travel. At the same time, the digital instrument cluster is another factor that increases driving safety by keeping the driver's main focus on the road. Minimal design details and various features such as a wireless charging unit raise the comfort and aesthetic level of the car.


The Fuel Consumption of the Audi A4

Now, we are going to focus on the fuel consumption of the Audi A4. We usually work on popular engine types and making analyses on them by checking details for an efficient fuel consumption analysis. While choosing the right car, you need specific and simple information. That is why we are using this distinction method to make things easier for you. We use two main categories to make a useful distinction such as The Most Economical One and The Most Powerful One. Audi A4 has got three standard engine varieties such as 2.0 TDI, 2.0 TFSI and 3.0 TFSI. We are going to analyse two of them as the most economical and the most powerful one. We can start with the most economical one which is 2.0 TDI (40 TDI). It has got a four cylindered engine structure with a 1968 cm3 size. It is using a Diesel feed fuel system so we can say that it is a Diesel type engine. It can produce 190 HP and 3800 RPM Torque. According to the official factory data, 2.0 TDI has got a 5,0lt/100km (which refers to 56 MPG in the UK) mpg performance in Urban usage. However, this fuel consumption rate decreasing to 4,0lt/100km (which refers to 71 MPG in the UK) in Extra Urban usage such as Highways or Long-Distance Trip. When we combine these mpg data, we get a 5,0lt/100km (which refers to 56 MPG in the UK) average mpg performance. Now we will focus on the most powerful engine, which is 2.0 TFSI (45 TFSI). It has got a four cylindered engine structure with a 1984 cm3 size. It is a Petrol Type Engine which produces 245 Horsepower and 5000 RPM Torque. 2.0 TFSI has got an 8,0lt/100km (which refers to 35 MPG in the UK) fuel consumption in Urban usage. On the other hand, this MPG rate decreasing to 5,0lt/100km (which refers to 56 MPG in the UK) in Extra Urban usage. When we gather these two fuel consumption data, we get a 6,0lt/100km (which refers to 47 MPG in the UK) average fuel consumption data.


Basic Characteristics of Audi A4

  • Premium Class Vehicle
  • German Originated
  • Compact Executive Class
  • Medium Fuel Consumption Rate
  • Budget Friendly Vehicle
  • Ideal for Large Family or Single Person
  • Multifunctional and Useful Transmission Options