All new VW Polo 2018 in 5 steps

The new VW Polo 2018 indeed looks awesome…It’s just like a Mini Golf.

The Volkswagen Polo 2018 comes in four already known variations: Trendline, Comfortline, Highline the special Beats, and the best – GTI – the flagship.

New re-designed outfit

The Polo’s lines looks great and this brings the new Mk6 design to a new era. It’s still recognizable as the famous German small car but it’s shape looks better than it’s previous. It’s oriented to the future and gets improved safety and fuel consumption savings.

All new VW Polo 2018 in 5 steps


The Inside of the new VW Polo, creates a modern environment with a touch of technology. The biggest change from the previous model brings a new interior design with new features available and great connectivity (“Car-Net”) options. While traditionally, the VW cars have an increased comfort, the New Volkswagen Polo 2018, gets a few upgrades. The lumbar support creating really comfortable seats and redesigned interior makes it even better.

The desire to drive it

VW advertise the new Polo as the car that you immediately want to drive it. Even the company is known for its great advertising capabilities, the statement seems to be true. The car looks better and behaves better than its older model. Also, it looks more dynamic and with proper configuration you might just have a sports car on your hands.


The multimedia system is pretty impressive, giving an improved Radio System, Navigation, a great “Comfort” Interface for phone – having a high quality microphone integrated in the roof of the car as well as high quality stereos. With a great featured called “Car-Net” – Guide & Inform, using Internet, it creates a way to update the software to its latest version. As well, you can get a ton of information with this feature about nearby discoveries.

Increased Security

According to the manufacturer, Polo 2018 has better protection in case of accident. New Airbags are in place, especially the side ones, which protect the passengers sitting in the back as well. “Front Assist” it’s a new function, designed to warn, visually and audio, the driver and even break in case of emergency. With the “Pedestrian Monitoring”, collisions with pedestrians are easier to avoid. It works in the same way as “Front Assist” works, increasing the chances of avoiding any pedestrians. Another great security option is of proactive protection function of the passengers. It almost fully closes the windows and fixes the seat belt better in the scenario of an accident.

The new VW Polo 2018 is, in our opinion, one of the best options for a city car.