Motoreu.com is the European automobile data platform. Motoreu.com provides technical specifications, MPG and fuel consumptions of cars. Technical specs such as, engine output, power, fuel and coupe type, fuel economy, tire size and rims size, width, height and max. weight of cars.

Car Comparison

You can compare car performance according to; engine size, power, torque, acceleration, maximum speed of luxury and sport cars such as; Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Fuel consumption values can be compared by CO2 emissions, fuel tank volume, urban, extra-urban and combined consumptions of economical cars such as: Opel, Peugeot, Fiat, Volkswagen, Citroen, Renault. Beside car comparison, you can vote for your favorite model on versus mode.

Fuel Consumption & MPG

Motoreu.com calculates estimated real true MPG & fuel consumption of autos. As known, automobile manufacturers calculate and publish real fuel consumptions of cars. Published consumptions are measured according to factory settings in laboratories. Therefore, users may occur different results than laboratory values. Our advanced algorithm re-calculates real fuel consumptions and figures estimated values. You can share and submit your own fuel consumption data and help other users for having an impression.

Auto Technical Data

Motoreu.com has the best listing tools for cars. You can check pre-listed models; fastest cars, most economical cars, autos with lowest CO2 emissions, the most powerful cars and fuel-guzzling super cars. In listing module, it is possible to filter your search according to manufacture year, gearbox type and fuel type as gasoline, diesel, LPG.

Submitted User Data

Motoreu.com helps you find out other user’s experiences about MPG & fuel consumption. Users can share their consumption data and compare with other users. This provides more realistic fuel consumption information about the vehicles you review. Also submitting your own data will help other users to have impressions about the particular model.