5 thinks you should know about Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is a high quality SUV – a truly Innovative Beauty.

5 thinks you should know about Jeep Compass

The Looks

While still using some of the traditional features of the Jeep, the new Jeep Compass is a innovative car with new looks, an aerodynamic profile and a beautiful seven slot grille creating a finger prints on its own.

The rooftop looks amazing, presenting slopes and creating a really nice contrast with the rest of the car. As well, the SUV’s muscular looks cannot be ignored, therefore the Jeep Compass 2018 it’s probably one of the most athletic and dynamic SUV’s for 2018.

The Interior

Inside of the Compass SUV, premium quality materials are available in combination with the latest technologies for an increased comfort and safety. With a 7 inch Instrument Cluster, the driver’s cockpit is created for the best driving experience. The steering wheel’s controls make it easier than ever to concentrate on the road while making adjustments to the audio system or picking up a phone call. The cockpit, in general, looks premium and the high quality materials transform the Jeep Compass’s interior into one of the best in the industry.

The Engines

For 2018 the Jeep Compass can be equipped with one petrol engine (1.4 liters and 140 HP), or two Multijet engines running on diesel (1.6 liters with 120 HP and 2.0 liters with 140 HP). The gasoline motor powers the car to top speed of 195 km/h, while the 1.6 Multijet to a 188 km/h. The more powerful diesel engine 2.0 Multijet can enhance the speed up to a 192 km/h.

True 4x4 Experiences

The Jeep Compass can be equipped with a 4x4 system that will bring the off-road experience to a maximum. While the powertrain can be fuel efficient, the engine will boost more power to the wheels and deliver a great experience for the passengers. Even if it’s a compact SUV, the Jeep Compass can be fun to drive, especially when taken for a spin in the off-road tracks. It would probably be the best experience someone can have with a medium class SUV.

Security and Safety

While the inside and the outside looks great, the 2018 Jeep Compass has cutting edge technologies available in the cockpit. With 5 stars at the NCAP safety tests, the SUV is one of the most secure cars in its category. More than that, system such as the TrailHawk, which is the driver’s eyes behind the car scanning for any incoming dangers from behind, boosts the security and safety scores for this particular car.

All in all, the Jeep Compass is premium, high-quality SUV, with a great inside, powerful engines and fun to drive on off-road tracks.