5 things you should know about Tesla Semi

Tesla unveiled their new Semi Truck, a combination of a hyper dynamics and electrical super powers.

5 things you should know about Tesla Semi

Dynamics and looks

The new truck presented by Tesla, the Semi, has awesome looks for its category. For sure, it will stand out in the crowd. But that’s not all…the new electric semi-Truck, has really good dynamics which enables new performances for the short haul.  

0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds

Tesla states that the new truck has acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (0 – 97 km/h) of 5 seconds. That means that this new truck can beat most of the modern cars in a drag race. Of course, these stats are for the truck being empty, but when fully loaded (20 tons), it should accelerate in about 20 seconds. This is again impressive.

65 mph (~105 km/h) – speed up a 5% grade

The best diesel trucks on this category can only achieve 45 mph (~72 km/h), but the new design from Tesla can go 20 mph more. That would be a new record in the industry. As well, with such a speed the truck industry will raise even more since the trucks will be a lot faster.


The cabin would be full of state of the art technologies including touch screens with navigation information. As well, there is different equipment to make the drivers life easier such as the blind spot monitoring or other routing tools.

Range and reliability

A new fleet of electric trucks seems to be the perfect change that the industry needs. With Megachargers solar-powered panels, the truck can get a 400 miles (~640 km) while being charged for only 30 minutes – a break that every driver will have to get. While these numbers are impressive the Tesla will for sure develop new technologies for the batteries in order to increase these statistics.

On the other hand, the Tesla Semi comes with a 1 million mile warranty against breakdowns or each new truck built. This is huge when compared to the regular diesel trucks.

In conclusion, the Tesla is trying to create the so much needed electric revolution, offering a great looking and high quality truck for short hauls. As well, it seems that they are so confident that the reliability of this truck is really good that they offer a 1 million mile warranty for it.