5 things you should know about Ford Ecosport

The Ford Ecosport is an intelligent SUV which has a great potential.

Ford Ecosport’s Engines

5 things you should know about Ford Ecosport

The SUV’s engines are divided between the ones running with petrol or diesel. One of the gasoline’s engines is the smaller 1.0 liters with EcoBoost and a power of 125 HP or 140 HP. The bigger petrol engine is the one featuring 1.5 liters and comes up with 112 HP. It seems that even if the engine is smaller (1.0), due to the new technologies embraced by the Ford Company, the engine is actually more powerful and the car can have a top speed up to 185 km/h.

The Diesel Engine is looking towards Fuel Economy and delivers 90 HP. The top speed for the Ford Ecosport with the 1.5 TDCi engine is of 160 km/h. With our estimated test consumption of 6.8 liters/100km - 42 MPG (UK) - 35 MPG (US) – transforms the SUV into an economical city SUV.

What are the Ford Ecosport’s utilities?

Regarding the utility section, this SUV has a loading capacity of 361 kg, a roof load of only 40 kg and the trunk volume of 333 liters. Even if it’s not impressive we can say that the car fits perfectly in its section and is perfect to be used a city car.

Ford Ecosport Interior

Inside of this SUV we can find a lot of great features and interesting options regarding technology. It comes up (depending on the package chosen) with great essential info about your trip, advanced sensors for parking or the great Ford Key-Free system which opens the door when you are nearby even if the key is in your pocket.

It also has a lot of storage areas that are placed within the seats, between or on the back of them. The flexible seats in the back mean you can widen the trunks volume.

What are the Ford Ecosport’s Safety Features?

The car integrates the Ford SYNC which is a emergency safety assistant. For example, when the airbags are deployed, the assistant can make an automated emergency call to authorities. As well, it can send the car’s GPS coordinates making the search and rescues team a lot easier to find and save the passengers.

Besides the SYNC and the advanced airbag system, the Ford Ecosport has advanced breaking systems using ABS and EBD and the assistance for breaking system (EBA).

In conclusion the Ford Ecosport is a city SUV with decent loading space and great technologies to increase comfort and safety.


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