5 things you should be careful about while filling your gas tank

Don’t buy gas when a truck is filling up the station’s tank

Even if it may sound silly, the gas stations’ tank is not clean. There can be dirt or other residual substances that are being stirred up when the gas is delivered. That’s why the dirt can get into your tank, so you should wait until (or go to another gas station) the operation it’s done.

5 things you should be careful about while filling your gas tank

Fill your tank as much as possible

A full tank is always better because there is less air in the tank and you avoid the evaporation of gasoline, especially when it’s hot outside. Try to have a full tank as much as possible in order to avoid the evaporation of petrol.

Fuel your tank slowly

The gas trigger can be used in a slow setting and you should use it. By fueling slowly you’re minimzing the vapors that can be created in the operation. Doing this can help you actually get more gas (or exactly as much as you pay for) because in the high setting, the gasoline may come in vapors which actually only turns the meter but not gets delivered.

The engine should be turn off when filling up

By doing this you can again avoid disasters. The engine should be turned off and the keys safely stored in your pocket. Accidents, even rarely, happen while filling up the tank and it may costs lives and property damage.

No Smoking

Even if everybody knows that you shouldn’t smoke in the gas station, there are people who disregard this advice. The highly flammable petrol vapors can light up extremely easy and cause a disaster. It’s better if you wouldn’t smoke, even if you are in the car. These vapors can enter the car and a disaster can occur.

Using these tips, you will probably save over time a decent amount of money and also avoid accidents or other kind of unhappy events. Always pay attention to the right type of fuel that you are supposed to get because the consequences can be tragic for your engine and your budget. As well, get help if you get in trouble, especially in a gas station…Better be safe than sorry!