2018 WV Crafter van vs 2018 Mercedes Sprinter

Two of the most popular vans in Europe have both good quality and enough engine power.

Both of the models chosen for the comparison have similar engines and same horse power – 163.

2018 WV Crafter van vs 2018 Mercedes Sprinter

The Volkswagen Crafter 35 2.0 BiTDI Combi

The van from the German Manufacturer comes with 2 liters engine and a total power of 163 HP. The top speed is 160 km/h and the fuel tank has a capacity of 75 liters. Regarding the amount of emissions, this model has 181 g/100km. For this model, the wheel drive is rear, but the 4 cylinder engine has a torque of 400 Nm and maximum output power of 3600 rpm.

The VW Crafter 2018 has a total trunk volume of 7500 liters. More than that, the total load weight is up to 3500 kg and may have a loading capacity of 1524 kg. The roof can sustain a weight of 300 kg.

Regarding the fuel consumption, the Crafter 35 2.0 BiTDI has combined catalogue value of 6.9 liters/100km - 41 MPG (UK) - 34 MPG (US). Our calculations show that the real MPG for this van is of 10 liters/100 km.

The Mercedes Sprinter Kombi 216 CDI 3,19t

The Sprinter from Mercedes has a 2.2 liters engine with a power of 163 HP. The fuel tank has a capacity of 75 liters and the emissions for this engine are of 181 g/100 km. The 4 cylinders engine has maximum output of 3800 RPM and the wheel drive is location in the rear.

The Sprinter Kombi 216 has a trunk volume of 9000 liters and a total load weight of 3190 kg. As well, the Sprinter 2018 can have a loading capacity of 1100 kg while the roof loading capacity is up to 300 kg.

The catalogue values of fuel consumption for the Sprinter Kombi 216 CDI are at the level of a combined 6.9 liters/100km - 41 MPG (UK) - 34 MPG (US). Our real fuel consumption calculator shows a value of a combined 10.0 liters/100km - 28 MPG (UK) - 23 MPG (US).

As a conclusion, both vans, the Crafter 35 2018 and the Sprinter 216, are quality vehicles, with similar fuel consumptions, but the Crafter having a little better loading capacity while the Sprinter has a bigger trunk volume. These margins are not big so when a big difference would be made by a deal at the local car dealer or different advantages offered to increase the reliability of that specific model.