2018 New Land Rover Discovery

2018 Land Rover Discovery is one of the best luxury SUV’s.

2018 Land Rover Discovery Engines

The 2018 Land Rover Discovery has 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engines. This innovative design provides performance and economy utilize a Continuously Variable Valve Lift System in combination with variable cam timing.

2018 Land Rover Discovery Performance

Land Rover Discovery 2018 has some features that makes it safer and more comfortable. Constructed from aluminum and lightweight steel, the suspension struts’ advanced hydraulic rebound technology reduces noise entering the cabin after impact. This system also discards the kickback on your arms or the vehicle’s chassis by smoothing out the undulating surfaces.

2018 New Land Rover Discovery

This SUV also has The Torque Vectoring by Braking system that is designed to enhance agility and stability when cornering. This beautiful vehicle has equipped with an ECO as a standard to control the fuel consumption and emissions. Another thing that makes the performance is economical is the compact 9-speed automatic transmission because it is providing an optimum fuel consumption.

Interior of 2018 Land Rover Discovery

As stunning as the 2018 Land Rover Discovery looks from the outside, there are some new brilliant features when you sit on driver’s seat too. Starting with a world leader in high performance audio technologies, by Meridian, Inside of Discovery 2018 is equipped with lots of innovative features. Land Rover InControl Touch and InControl Touch PRO touchscreen links you and the vehicle to the rest of the world.

 Land Rover InControl Apps enables you to connect your smartphone on the touchscreen by an USB port and plan your journey, organize your day and even to book a hotel. Land Rover also developed an application called Land Rover InControl Remote & Protect that lets you check your fuel, start your vehicle, enable the air conditioning before you get in and even helps you find your car in a busy car park. Besides, in emergency situations Optimized Land Rover Assistance transmits your location to the propriate authorities for your situation.

2018 Land Rover Discovery Capability

Even if this SUV looks luxurious, it has great terrain technologies that enables you to drive in off roads, by choosing the terrain you are driving on from the system like grass, gravel, snow, mud and sand. This strong SUV’s hill descent controls also makes a safe ride around the mountains and hills.

To sum it up, 2018 Land Rover Discovery is a very well-equipped SUV with a powerful and economical engine, innovative interior technologies like remote control options and a safe terrain control.


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